10 Music Quotes That Every Melomaniac Must Know

By Divya G

If you are looking for some of the best music quotes, you certainly don’t need to comb through the internet; you can check this list right here! All you need to do is go through our best picks below and uncover some of the wise words along with their mystique and purpose. Of course, all these music quotes came from those individuals who possess extensive knowledge regarding the ins and outs of the emotive power of music.

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While some of the lines are stated by famous composers and musicians, the other quotes came from famous personalities who are able to deliver their thoughts in an effective and understandable way. Keep scrolling to take a quick look at some of the quotes below.

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Ask someone why we need music, and they probably won’t be able to give you an answer. But everyone can agree that we do need it. These quotes are a testament to that fact.