From One Direction To Icon: Intriguing Facts That Define Harry Styles

By Ekhama O

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular boy bands of this generation is One Direction. Though the band has disbanded, all members have succeeded as solo artists. Harry Styles has since acted in movies and has had sold-out concerts worldwide since venturing out on his own. Arguably, the only Harry more famous than him is the magical boy, Harry Potter.

As successful as he is now, sometimes, we can’t help but wonder what life was like for him before stardom beckoned. From a music talent show to one of the biggest male bands in recent history and now becoming a Grammy-winning sensation, he’s had quite the ride, but hold on to your hats because there’s even more! Here are 40 fun facts about Harry Styles you probably didn’t know.

Worked at a local bakery

Many kids who want a taste of financial freedom and buy things they like often take up meager jobs such as working in a fast-food chain, which was what Harry Styles did. He’s been hustling and making things happen since he was in his teens.

Instagram via harrystyles

Reports have it the Adore You singer used to work for a local bakery somewhere in his hometime for a wage when he was 14. He was paid about six pounds per hour for his hard work, paling compared to what he earns now, which is in millions.

Began his rise to fame on a TV contest

Many of the artists we know and love today kicked off their careers in an exciting way when they were still young. Harry has a similar story to this, and we can’t help but realize it’s been years since his first television appearance.

Instagram via onedirection

Every true fan knows he started as a contestant on the UK televised contest called The X Factor, where he was initially unsuccessful alongside all his fellow One Direction members. Simon Cowell grouped them and became one of the biggest boy bands in history.

He’s been on an episode of iCarly

Catching a big celebrity (besides the regular cast) on a television show or sitcom can easily make episodes all the more memorable. Just like with Brad Pitt on Friends, Harry Styles has made an appearance on iCarly, which became one of the most watched.

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

One of the biggest teen sitcoms of the late 2000s and early 2010s was graced with his the presence and the rest of his One Direction bandmates. They all played themselves and gave a fantastic performance of one of their hit songs. 

Harry Styles has also starred in movies

We love a multifaceted star, and making an appearance for a teen sitcom isn’t all there is to Harry’s acting career. He has starred in several movies over the years, many of which he’s played some significant roles in. Will he be headlining a blockbuster film soon? It remains to be seen.

Instagram via harrystyles

Besides acting in the Christopher Nolan war drama movie Dunkirk alongside greats like Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in 2017, he’s also played a husband to Florence Pugh’s character in Don’t Worry Darling and a police officer in the romance My Policeman.

He’s got quite the list of famous exes

Harry Styles is loved and adored by millions of ladies worldwide, but only a few are lucky enough to become his paramour. Most are also fellow celebrities like models, singers, and big names in Hollywood. It seems like he isn’t one to date regular gals.

Instagram via harrystyles

Besides Taylor Swift, Harry Styles can also call A-listers and socialites like Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Olivia Wilde, and even Erin Foster, his ex. Most recently, the singer has been romantically linked to the Canadian actress Taylor Russell. Will he be settling down soon? The singer is the only person who can answer this question.

He made Vogue history

What makes someone a phenom in the music and entertainment industry are the significant feats they achieve, and Harry has a few under his belt. He made a historic but controversial appearance on the cover of one of the world’s most prominent magazines.

Instagram via harrystyles

Vogue featured the star in their 2020 December issue, sporting a light blue dress with a black blazer. It caused quite a stir with loads of controversies, but nonetheless, Harry became the first to do what no other man has. He got tongues wagging and got a lot of attention.

Has a wellness practice when he’s on tour

Going several hours a day without catching a break from those performances, training sessions, press conferences, and meet and greets can take a load out of an artist on tour. Luckily, many have adopted various practices to help them feel better.

Instagram via harrystyles

The Night Changes singer is one of such stars, engaging in a unique practice to relieve himself from all the aches and pains of touring. He loves to soothe himself by soaking in an ice bath, taking the soreness out of his muscles, and helping him sleep better.

Harry’s got his own beauty brand

With all the wealth and fame celebrities have, they might as well use it to their advantage to make even more and accomplish things they’ve always wanted to do. Launching their own brand is one of the main avenues to make more money.

Instagram via harrystyles

As someone who loves his music and fashion and values self-care, it makes sense that his brand, Pleasing, focuses on beauty. It was launched in 2021 and features eye, lip, and facial serums as well as nail polishes and even makeup.

Suspected Dog Lover

Although we love hearing about all the achievements he’s made, sometimes we need a break from all the glitz and glamorous side of his life to get a glimpse of just how he is as a person. We filtered all that out, and that’s how we learned this proposed fact.

Instagram via harrystyles

We sincerely believe that Harry Styles is a dog lover at heart. Although he’s never publicly confessed it or anything, with all the photos and content of him besides dogs he’s posted, one can’t help but assume these things to be true.

He’s got loads of tattoos

It’s not uncommon to see celebrities covered with tattoos. In fact, many of them (like Post Malone, Ed Sheeran, Lil Wayne, and Rihanna) are known for their distinct body art. The same thing can be said of our favorite One Directioner.

Instagram via harrystyles

He’s not afraid to show some skin, which allows us to see and admire his banging body and also all of his numerous tattoos. Years are near his collarbones, a pair of birds fluttering on his chest, and even a mermaid on one of his arms.

Ed and Harry have got matching tats

We’ve heard of different collaborations, but we have yet to see two celebrities get their bodies modified together! Apparently, that’s something many of them have done, one pair being the Grammy award winners Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles.

Instagram via harrystyles

Although both have a lot of seemingly random ones all over their bodies, we’re sure at least one has been of significance to both of them, and that’s what they got together. It’s a sign of their friendship, and we think it’s super wholesome.

One of his tattoos was done on a television show

At this point, we’ve already established that Harry Styles is a big fan of tattoos and won’t shy away from getting one. And, if you had any doubts about that and needed more proof to cement this claim, the fact that he had one done on a TV show should be enough.

Instagram via stylesfanc

Sometime in late 2015, when Harry was still part of the boy band One Direction, he and his mates made an appearance on The Late Late Show hosted by James Corden, where he obliged to have his arm tattooed, adding more ink to his skin.

Then went on to be the guest host of that same TV show

We love seeing stars appear on television shows. It feels like we’re seeing a different side of them when they’re there, and we love seeing that new dimension in their personalities. That’s why we’re always super excited when we hear they’re scheduled to come on.

Instagram via stylesfanc

One star we were absolutely thrilled about getting to see was Harry Styles. About four years after getting tattooed on an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, he returned to that very same stage to be a guest host for the show.

Been the face of a Gucci Campaign

One perk celebrities enjoy, especially when they’re at the heights of their careers, is being the face of multiple campaigns, having loads of endorsements, and getting the opportunity to collaborate with many high-end brands. This is often an indication that a star has made it.

Instagram via harrystyles

Harry Styles is one of such celebrities with such privileges, teaming up with the luxurious Italian brand Gucci to create a collection sometime in late 2022. It’s called the “HA HA HA” campaign and features some pretty banging looks any sartorially forward man should have in his wardrobe.

He’s also appeared on a sketch comedy show

Besides teen sitcoms and the numerous movies he’s been the star of, Harry Styles has also lent his acting skills to sketch comedy shows, doubling as an actor and entertainer. That was the exact case when he appeared on Saturday Night Live.

Everyone’s favorite long-running sketch comedy TV show, abbreviated as SNL, invited the singer to be a part of an episode sometime in the middle of November 2019. He did a good job with the acting and delivered some strong musical numbers.

Harry’s helped fans come out

Although we’ve seen loads of acceptance from people all around the world in recent years regarding the LGBTQ community, we still have a long way to go. There’s always this fear of hostility, so coming out to your loved ones can be a huge deal.

Instagram via harrystyles

Harry, being the fantastic guy he is, has helped fans come out before. It usually happens during a concert of his, and he’s done it three years in a row now, from 2021 all the way down to 2023, and it’s a trend we hope will be continued.

Used to be against therapy

There are just some issues in life that require some extra help dealing with or getting over. That’s why we have professionals in the mental health field that offer help. However, there are times when one might feel like they don’t need a professional’s assistance.

Instagram via harrystyles

That was Harry Styles for a while. He thought he didn’t need to see a therapist while dealing with the split of the band, but then later realized he was getting in his own way and is now open to seeking help.

Billie Eilish has helped him

Artists are influenced by other entertainers, and although it’s usually the ones that come before them, it could also be the people who came after them. That’s the case with the pop sensation Harry Styles and fellow artist Billie Eilish.

Instagram via billieielish

He thanks Billie for helping him come to terms with aging in the industry. It was during an interview where he discussed his upcoming album, amongst other things, and also revealed that he’s bumped into her a couple of times, using the chances to express his gratitude.

He has an eccentric style

We love to see celebrities break barriers and go beyond the norm, giving us a fresh view on all sorts of topics, especially when it comes to fashion. Nowadays, a lot of men have been doing just that, and one of them includes Harry Styles.

Instagram via harrystyles

Standing on the shoulders of the ones that came before him, like Elton John and Jared Leto, Harry Styles, alongside his contemporaries Sam Smith and Robert Sheehan, have given us some pretty eccentric looks over the years that got people talking and thinking.

Lends his songwriting skills to other stars

It’s great and all to know how to sing and perform, but once we learn an artist is also skilled at writing profound lyrics, we gain another level of respect for them. That’s exactly how we felt when we heard about Harry Styles’ songwriting skills.

Instagram via harrystyles

The former X-Factor contestant has written songs for stars like fellow pop sensation Ariana Grande and has co-written a piece with Meghan Trainor. He’s also written songs for bands and has teamed up with notable artists, such as the legendary John Legend.

Is influenced by the world’s biggest country pop star

Although a lot of artists release entirely original work, they also derive their inspiration from a lot of other artists who came before them. We love to see when a star acknowledges this and indicates which star influenced them.

Instagram via shaniatwain

In Harry’s case, there are loads of them, but one he mentioned earlier in his career is the Canadian singer Shania Twain. She had a legendary performance with Harry during the 2022 Coachella festival and reveals that they’re now friends. We can only dream of becoming fast friends with our idols.

Spent thousands on pizza for the less privileged

Nothing strikes the heart more than seeing people with compassion and love for others. We’re proud to say that Harry Styles has a soft spot for those in need. He decided to treat homeless people one fateful day with hundreds of boxes of pizza.

Instagram via harrystyles

Ed Sheeran, who is his close companion, revealed sometime in 2013 that Harry Styles had spent about three thousand pounds on hundreds of boxes of Domino’s Pizzas and used a whole day to go around distributing them all to the homeless folks.

He takes “bullet” coffee

Just about everyone has one hack or another for something, and for celebrities who need to stay in good shape, many of those are primarily for fitness. Harry Styles is no exception, as he takes “bullet coffee” to curb his appetite.

Instagram via onedirection

He maintains his thin frame by drinking a cup of black coffee that’s been dashed with some butter and coconut oil. Harry revealed sometime in 2015 that it keeps him from getting hungry, and many people call it bullet coffee or”fat black.”

Harry’s a certified momma’s boy

Sure, it can be cool to take on a whole different persona and act all different when you’re on stage; loads of people love to do that (Miley Cyrus and Beyonce), but it’s still refreshing to know that once these stars step down from that platform, they become themselves again.

Instagram via annetwist

Although he might not look like it, Harry Styles is a huge momma’s boy. He was the best man at her wedding sometime in the early 2010s, and the internet is littered with cute pictures of the star and his beloved mother.

Might be a bit clumsy

Everyone has their quirks, especially celebrities. In fact, it’s quite lovely seeing these people who seem so perfect have one or two things that aren’t so amazing about them; it reminds us that, at the end, they’re still very human.

Twitter Via Harry_Styles

Take Harry Styles, for instance. He’s got millions of adoring fans worldwide who think he can do no wrong, but he can, and he has. He once exposed himself for dropping his sunglasses into the toilet, not once but twice! How’s that for perfect?

He was in a band before 1D

No one knows where life takes us, and there’s always the risk of ending up in the same place where we started. Before Harry Styles teamed up with Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan, he was in a band called White Eskimo.

Instagram via onedirection

It was a pop-punk band, and he was the band’s lead singer during high school, performing at talent shows and even a wedding. His white Eskimo days ended when his mother encouraged him to audition for The X Factor.

Has had a scary robbery encounter

The last thing many people would expect is for things to go entirely south on a happy day for them; that’s why even though we didn’t experience what Harry Styles did one fateful Valentine’s Day, we completely understand his pain.

Instagram via harrystyles

The pop star opened up sometime in early 2020 that he had been robbed during Valentine’s Day. It was somewhere in North London, and the mugger held a knife at him and got away with some cash. We’re just happy they didn’t hurt the singer.

Kind of a bookworm

Not gonna lie; many people don’t often expect pop stars to be the biggest readers of books and novels, but that’s a gross overestimation. Even the seemingly most unlikely of stars we’d expect to like books do, and Harry Styles is proof. 

Instagram via harrystyles

Initially, reading wasn’t Harry’s favorite hobby, but he started getting the hang of it once an ex-girlfriend gave him some books. He didn’t want to seem like a dummy in front of the dame, so he began reading and is now genuinely enjoying it.

Bit off the tip of his tongue

Let’s be honest here; it’s almost impossible to see a star who isn’t currently engaging in one form of narcotics or psychoactive or has done so in the past. Even everyone’s fave, Harry Styles, has confessed to doing some.

Instagram via harrystyles

Reports have it the drugs play a crucial role in his creative process, although he’s had a less than favorable experience when he was on some. Not in the right state of mind, Harry once bit off the tip of his tongue and kept singing with blood running through his mouth.

Harry’s got a relatable phobia

When some artists step on the stage, they might seem like the most confident person in the world, but everyone’s got their fears, and we’re sure every single one of them will quiver at the sight of theirs, just like when Harry Styles spots a snake.

Instagram via harrystyles

Several reports have it that the Watermelon Sugar singer is absolutely terrified of snakes, just like a lot of us are. The fear is called Ophidiophobia, and although a lot of people think it makes him seem wimpy, it adds more character to him as a person.

He can play an unlikely instrument

It’s one thing to know how to sing as an artist, another thing to know how to dance and perform in front of a crowd, and a whole other deal to write songs. Harry’s got all those qualities and some, as he’s also great at playing an instrument.

Instagram via harrystyles

He might not be the greatest guitar player as everyone would expect, but he sure knows his way around a kazoo. Yes, you heard that right: the former One Direction member learned the instrument when he was too impatient for the guitar and is now pretty good at it, too.

Harry Has got an unconscious habit

A lot of us have our quirks, and those things are probably what makes us human. We don’t expect everyone to be perfect, and even the most seemingly amazing people still have one problem or another, just like Harry does.

Instagram via harrystyles

Apparently, he is a sleepwalker, admitting to Teen Vogue that he’s once even found himself lying on the bathroom floor! It’s a common sleep disorder that affects loads of people, but we do hope everyone with it finds a way to be safe.

Wanted a career in the medical sphere

We never know the road life will take us on, and even though our dreams and aspirations might not come to fruition, what follows might still be worthwhile. That’s the exact case with Harry Styles and his initial hopes of having an alternative career.

Instagram via harrystyles

When Harry was much younger, he wanted to be a physiotherapist. Then, one fateful career day at school, he was told there weren’t many jobs in that field, so he switched sides, and decided to become a singer instead. We’re happy he’s found success with it.

He’s got four nipples

Birthmarks are common for people to have and just about everyone has one or two unique spots in their body. Harry Styles has got a lot of tattoos, which makes his unique marks hard to see, but they’re still there.

Instagram via harrystyles

The star is known for not having the usual set of two nipples like most of us, but he’s actually got four! The condition is known as polythelia, and we can see the extra two from old photos of the star (before all the tats) shirtless. 

Deeply saddened by parent’s divorce

Coming to terms with a split can be one of the most difficult things people have to endure, from the parents to the kids involved. When it came to Anne Twist and Desmond Styles, the parents of Harry Styles, it was no different.

Instagram via harrystyles

Harry was sat down by his old lad and learned the truth when he was just seven, an event that made him break out in tears. His father recounts the instance and confesses that to this day, Harry’s response to their divorce breaks his heart.

Lost his ring during Coachella

Coachella can be a crazy festival, not just for the thousands of spectators that flock to California each year to witness the two weekend-long event but for even the stars that have to perform themselves, just ask Harry Styles.

Instagram via harrystyles

During a performance, as the crowd was going wild and he was doing what he’s best at, a unique piece of jewelry, a Gucci Lion ring, fell off his finger. Fans tried to find it for him during the show but couldn’t. They eventually did later on and returned it back to the singer. He thanked them for the wonderful gesture.

Cut his hair for charity

Philanthropy is usually something of interest to most celebrities. Many of them go out of their way to either raise money for a cause or donate money for it instead. Harry Styles has a different but more personal approach.

Instagram via harrystyles

Reports have it that the singer and songwriter has donated his hair to a charity that makes wigs for kids who’ve lost it in cancer treatment. We’ve seen celebs fork out some major bucks but have yet to see one give out their luscious locks.

Thinks he must have coined ex-band’s name

Stars reveal a lot to their fans whenever they sit down to do interviews. It can be an eye-opening session about them as people as they reveal an endless stream of secrets about themselves, their experiences and their lives as a whole. 

Instagram via onedirection

In the late 2010s, a couple of years after One Direction’s split, Harry sat down with a CBS Sunday Morning host to talk about his former band, even revealing that he thinks he’s the one who coined the boy band’s name. 

Loves a good romantic movie

You might not necessarily be a cinephile or be the biggest lover of all things film, but there has to be a kind of genre of movie you fancy. We’re not one to pick favorites, but Harry Styles seems to do so and it turns out his genre of choice is unexpected.

instagram via harrystyles

The singer and Grammy award winner likes himself a good romantic movie and is also a big fan of chick flicks. Reports have it his favorite movie of all time is The Notebook, and although it seems unlikely romance is even his thing, it adds more character to the star. 

He’s got a hidden talent

Many stars are already great as they are, so learning they have a hidden talent impresses us even more. When it comes to our faves, we think to ourselves, “Could they possibly get any better?” and then they hit us with that secret talent, answering the question with a yes.

Instagram via harrystyles

Harry Styles, for instance, is one of such stars. The man can act, sing, perform and even write songs, doing most things other celebrities of his level can’t. But that’s not all, he’s also super skilled at juggling, showing off his moves quite the number of times.