How Can Upcoming Artists Get Their Names Out There?

By Kanyi M

New artists are often told to “just build your name up” or “put yourself out there.” But what does that mean? What is the best way for an upcoming artist to get their name out there? And how can new artists go about building their name up, anyway?

Image courtesy of GTS Productions / Shutterstock

Exposure means being “out there” in front of people that you want to hear you and your music. It means having your songs played on the radio, being reviewed by music critics, and most importantly – getting fans who love what you are doing so much that they tell their friends about it and come out to see you perform live. Nowadays, anybody can be an artist. It is easier than ever to make music on your computer, create a website and social networking profiles, and distribute your music online so that anyone can hear it. But before the internet and all of the new technologies were invented, artists had to rely on word of mouth for exposure – on people talking about their music with friends and family.

Conventional wisdom dictates that you gain exposure by getting your music played or reviewed by as many people as possible.

Piggybacking on other bands

To be a musician, you need to be heard by other musicians. The band will say they are looking for a singer, and one of the members will recommend you. You will contact them via email and ask if there is anything that you can do to help with the band’s music, and if so, what.

Making covers of popular songs

You may also check other bands you like out there and then pick one out of their list of songs similar to your style. You can make your version of the song, upload it, and possibly ask if they would like to hear it.

Getting on talk shows

If you have a good enough voice and a decent amount of talent, you can get on talk shows. Many of them are looking for people connected to the industry so that their performance is better than the others. They may even have their producers check out your demos and record a small clip for you.

Getting on video game soundtracks, compilation CDs or other triple A releases

This is, by far, one of the most challenging ways to gain exposure because it can be tough to get in touch with someone who is in charge of making such releases. However, if you are very talented and the song you are submitting is excellent, it is certainly not impossible. Game companies especially will be looking for exciting music that fits their game’s theme.

Going to parties or other places where people with similar tastes hang out

One of the best ways to get noticed as a new artist is to get out there and talk with people who have similar interests as you do. Such as other musicians, DJs, partygoers, record label executives, etc., because they may be able to give you an idea of how to get your music heard.