How Mozart’s Attention Span Exposed Him

By Victor O

Mozart, whom people in his time knew as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is one of the greatest classical composers. Even for those who don’t know exactly who he was or what exactly he did, the mere mention of the name Mozart resonates with music, proving his renown.

Source: @hudsoncrafted/Unsplash

As a genius from his childhood, he was exposed very early to classical music and went on to compose over 41 symphonies, 20 operas, and several other masterpieces. Unfortunately, his early death at 35 cut his career short and deprived the world of other masterpieces.

In an interesting turn of events, there’s something very interesting that has been discovered about the genius. A tweet made recently revealed a mind-blowing fact about the legend. The tweet stated that the Royal Society, a 360-year-old United Kingdom society that delved into the sciences, was skeptical about his age because Mozart’s genius appeared way beyond his appearance.

Many members of the Society doubted he was as young as he was letting on. To test this hypothesis, the Society decided to gain an insight into his actual age. This would determine if he was a child or a grown adult with a childish physique.

Source: @blinovaivanya/Unsplash

Interestingly, while he was presenting, the question answered itself. Mozart zoned out of his performance and focused on a cat running through the room instead. This convinced the Society that he was still a child at heart. His short attention span and fascination with animals and other objects gave him away.

Leaving the piano so he could play with the cat proved that Leopold Mozart, his father, was not falsifying his age after all.