Iconic Tracks That Were Featured In Movies

By Kanyi M

You’ll know that music is a powerful force when it comes to movies, but you may not have realized just how powerful. To illustrate the point, we’re going to take a look at five iconic tracks that feature prominently in some of our favorite films. From Star Wars to Jurassic Park, these are some of the best soundtrack moments in cinematic history!

8 Mile

Image courtesy of Willrow Hood / Shutterstock

“Lose yourself” by Eminem. This may be one of Eminem’s most well-known tracks, but it certainly isn’t his best. “Lose yourself” is the perfect example of the type of song that’s created purely for marketing purposes. It’s so appealing to all audiences that we can almost imagine the moment the lightbulb went on in Eminem’s head.

The Dark Knight

“The Dark Knight Rises” by Hans Zimmer plays at the end of the movie, but there is a moment when Catwoman and Batman are flying across the city, and Zimmer’s score takes over. This piece of music is powerful and honors the “fall” aspect of Batman’s character in a way that oozes honesty, which was exactly what the director wanted.


“My Heart Will Go On” By Celine Dion

This is one of the most iconic movie songs out there–it was nominated for an Oscar (winning Best Original Song), and it has become synonymous with the film. The song represents everything that is great about love and adventure, and the words are unforgettable.

The Matrix

“Dissolved Girl” by Massive Attack plays through Neo’s headphones near the end of The Matrix. If you’re a fan of The Matrix, then it’s likely that this song will stick with you long after the movie ends. Its soothing sound is one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

Jurassic Park

“Journey to the Island” by John Williams

Williams is one of the most famous composers in film history, and he has had his songs featured in many blockbuster films, including Star Wars and Jaws. “The T-Rex Rescue & Finale” is a piece that plays through the movie, but it isn’t until the very last scene when everything comes together perfectly to create an unforgettable moment.