Is That Even True? 6 Bizarre Music Facts

By Kanyi M

There are so many strange stories of how famous artists have come up with their hit tunes. Some of them are pretty humorous, while others will make you wonder. These are some ridiculous yet true facts!

1. 6 years ago, Mozzart sold more copies of his CD than Beyoncé

October of 2016 marked 225 years since Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died. As expected, his anniversary is celebrated worldwide on a grand scale. The Universal Music Group released the Complete Works of Mozart, which was released in more than 120 countries. This collection sold more than 1.25 million copies. The compilation included all of Mozart’s works since the group acquired the rights to them in 1955.

Image courtesy of spatuletail / Shutterstock

2.  Yuri Gagarin sang from space.

Space sounds like a very peaceful place to be, but according to Gagarin, it is noisy. In 1961, he was the first cosmonaut launched into space and became the first man in history to leave our atmosphere. Gagarin loved to sing while he was up in space. He had been a singer before being selected as one of the Air Force’s test pilots.

3. You’ll need at least 70 distinct pieces of wood to make a single violin

Violins are intricate in that they are made of different types of wood. The body is made of maple, while the sides and back are constructed with an interlocked grain pattern. The neck is usually made from maple or spruce, but in rare cases can be mahogany or pear wood.

4. Michael Jackson wanted to own Marvel Comics

Michael Jackson was interested in comic books. He wanted to purchase Marvel Comics when it was having serious financial struggles in the late 90s. He had met with CEO Ike Perlmutter but was unable to make it happen.

5. Plants love music

Image courtesy of Will Day / Shutterstock

Plants can even grow faster when they hear music. The reason for this is that the plants are able to perceive the rhythm of the music in their surroundings. The plants eventually adjust their growth rate to the rhythm of the music.

6. Dogfish skin had a musical use in the 1700s

Dogfish skin was often used to sand violins in the 18th century. It is not clear whether it had anything to do with violin-making, but violinists in the middle ages likely used this type of material to sand down the outside of their instruments.