Rocksmith+: Elevate Your Guitar Skills With A Versatile Learning Tool

By Victor O

Embarking on the journey of learning to play a musical instrument can be both an enjoyable and challenging endeavor. Music instruments like the guitar can be overwhelming for newbies, from the chords to the individual parts of each string.

Source: @brent-keane-181485/Pexels

Although you could hire a professional tutor, Ubisoft’s Rocksmith+ is here to save the day. As a leading game developer in the industry, this game is expected to be cut from the best stock.

Ubisoft has developed this novel musical game fitted with a guitar game series. This serves as a music education app that provides lessons, training exercises, and song catalogs in the form of a game. This makes it appealing to a wide range of users and eases interested learners into the world of musical instruments.

Users of the service have a lot to say about it. While undoubtedly an intriguing innovation, there are still ample opportunities for further enhancements and refinements. Even though it does not replace actual tutors, the features contribute greatly to self-sufficient learning.

Users can curate their learning experience according to their learning pace and budget. Although certain features come at a cost, it is still relatively cheaper than getting a private tutor.

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Besides being a haven for new learners, even experienced players can still benefit from Rocksmith+. It is embedded with features that help you fine-tune your skill sets, such as plucking individual notes and strings. In a short span of time, you can swiftly begin playing alongside your beloved tunes.

Also, while new users can practice rudimentary skills like finger positioning, scales, and chords, experienced users can learn more complicated chord combos and other techniques. There are exhaustive videos on every aspect of the learning process and interactive features that let users practice what has been learned.