45 Hilarious Memes To Keep Us Entertained While We Wait For The 2022 Spotify Wrapped

By Jishnu B November 27, 2022

December is a joyous and celebratory month because of all the holidays – but it is also the time for the annual Spotify Wrapped. Although many people are excited about the holidays at this time of year, others are more interested in seeing what their friends have been listening to.

The Wrapped feature is the massive music streaming service’s annual look back at what you listened to over the course of the year. Although it can be a fun way to reflect on the year, it may reveal some truths about your listening habits that you are not prepared to face. Needless to say, this feature of going on a nostalgic music trip always results in an avalanche of memes on the internet.

Social media platforms have been flooded with people sharing their lists and making snarky comments along the way. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best internet reactions for you. 

In Need Of Graphics Designers

If you assumed that a massive company like Spotify would have top-tier engineers and designers at their disposal for interface design, we’re sorry to disappoint you. This list of the genres that users have heard the most appears to have been designed by a five-year-old.

Image Credit: @addyluvzpizza/Twitter

The overly saturated pink background, combined with the odd font size, gives the interface a juvenile appearance. Indeed, Spotify should improve its visual game the next time they release the Wrapped feature. Regardless of the design, it’s a nice way to reflect on what genres you’re most interested in.

Spotify Knows It All

Our musical tastes undoubtedly reflect our emotions and personality type. You may believe that you are a mysterious and difficult-to-crack individual. However, if you use Spotify, chances are that your secrets have already been revealed through the incredibly popular feature. 

Image Credit: @emerylord/Twitter

No matter how much you try to hide your emotions from friends, family, or even your therapist, Spotify is one step ahead of you. The feature can also describe your aura. One user claimed that their music aura is “angsty and spooky,” while another claimed that it is “happy and spooky.”

The Dark Truth

Although Spotify Wrapped is a fun way to look back on the year and see what genres of songs we’ve heard the most, it also has a concerning issue behind it. These music streaming services are essentially collecting our personal information as well.

Image Credit: @delia_cai/Twitter

Data protection is a critical issue in today’s world. Our personal information can be used to track different aspects of our lives and target products to us in this way. Regardless of privacy concerns, we believe Spotify has cleverly marketed this feature as “fun.”

Taste In Music

The Wrapped, at this point, certainly reinforces the notion that Spotify has a robust algorithm for determining our musical tastes. Features like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Repeat Rewind, and Time Capsule make it easy for them to accomplish the job. 

Image Credit: @NewtVicky/Twitter

Furthermore, the system does not rely solely on the information provided by the app. It employs a comprehensive method to determine our preferences. It recognizes descriptive terms and noun phrases related to songs or artists and categorizes them. This certainly makes it sound like Spotify is on an FBI level of investigation.

Time To Give The Side Eyes

It’s in our nature to judge others for things about which we know nothing or very little. Therefore, it should not surprise us if the same is true for the Wrapped season. So, let us buckle up and pass judgment on others’ musical tastes while our own are highly questionable. 

Image Credit: @laneylooluv/Twitter

This user is so confident in their music taste that even if it is similar to that of a 12-year-old, they will still wait in fashion to judge others. In our opinion, when people share their Wrapped list, it helps us to understand their interests better. 

The Ones That Are Left Out

Although this time of year may be a joyous occasion for Spotify users to relive their musical journey, it may not be as exciting for users of other platforms. The benefits of this experience are certainly not available to Apple Music subscribers.

Image Credit: @lewisjwr/Twitter

It’s no surprise that even Apple Music users would want to participate in the fun and view their statistics. Either Apple Music ups their stats game, or a rival music streaming platform appears to be out to get their users. We can definitely sense a rivalry brewing here.

Trip To Past-Reflection Alley

One interesting aspect of Spotify Wrapped is that it allows us to reflect on the emotions we were feeling during a particular month. Life can be hectic, and we can become disconnected from our emotions. It’s comforting to know that music can keep us grounded in our emotions.

Image Credit: @ULTRAGLOSS/Twitter

For instance, this user revealed that they were depressed from January to October, and their music selection certainly reflected that. It’s funny how one moment you’re going through a heartbreak and listening to classic Olivia Rodrigo hits, and the next you’re getting out of the rut and listening to jolly bops by Meghan Trainor.

Spotify Vs Apple Music

Even though Apple Music is no less competent and includes cool features such as live radio stations, podcasts, and music videos, it still falls short in one area. This platform is not ideal for users who want to keep track of what music they’ve listened to the most throughout the year.

Image Credit: @MorningBrew/Twitter

This reminds us of the epic scene in Squid Game where the elderly player is seen coddled up in a corner. If you are an Apple Music user who wants to see your yearly wraps, we would definitely suggest you switch to Spotify to avail the perks. 

The Audio Aura

Just when you thought the Wrapped feature couldn’t get any cooler, Spotify introduced the Audio Aura feature. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of mood and energy you project based on the music you listen to, the platform has you covered. 

Image Credit: @incellectuals8/Twitter

The Audio Aura lets you know the energy you’re exuberating based on your taste in music. According to the platform, auras are “your personal energy signature.” Let’s only hope you don’t have the energy from this creepy photo. Furthermore, they even show a color board to visualize the mood. 

Pondering The Orb

The “pondering the orb” meme has been circulating the internet for quite some time, and it appears to have made its way into the Wrapped memes as well. Typically, the memes are accompanied by an image of an elderly wizard staring intently at a mystical, glowing orb.

Image Credit: @SpongeBurke/Twitter

It all started with a fantasy-genre gamebook called A Spy in Isengard, which featured an image of the now-famous wizard. The phrase “pondering my orb” or “pondering the orb” has since become a meme in its own right, and it has been applied to any photo featuring a round object.

This Hits Hard

It’s always fun to look back and see which songs you’ve played the most this year. However, things do not appear to be looking up when, rather than the songs, you are the one who has been played the most this year. 

Image Credit: @ihyjuju/Twitter

This particular statement is definitely a big burn. This user seems to be unapologetically truthful about the matter. Yes, being played is never a pleasant experience. At least Spotify has you covered with their music selection to soothe the broken heart.

You Don’t Care

If someone remembers the songs and genres you enjoy, that is the highest form of showing they care. Some people go so far as to curate a playlist just for their loved ones. Therefore, if your partner asks for your Wrapped, it’s time to reconsider the status of your relationship. 

Image Credit: @alan_bumbaclart_partridge/Twitter

You don’t necessarily need a Wrapped list to remind the people who care about you of your preferences. Now you can save some time and effort as it seems like this feature doubles as a gateway by allowing us to identify those who genuinely care about us.


Spotify appears to have altered our perspective on the world and nearly brought about a revolution. Not only did it change our perspective, but it also seemed to shift our top priorities. This meme is the ideal illustration of it.

Image Credit: @UziFlexy/Twitter

The meme depicts a mother ignoring her child in order to post her annual Spotify Wrapped. It appears that the child burning in the fire has no effect on her. At the very least, we’re relieved that this is a Sims simulation rather than the actual reality.

An Honest One

If everything and everyone in the world right now is an advertisement, we wouldn’t be shocked. This is because this fast-paced world is definitely not slowing down when it comes to making extra money in the name of capitalism. So it makes sense if the top artist is also an advertisement.

Image Credit: @PadhleJay/Twitter

Furthermore, to cap off the peak of capitalism, the top genre is “Paise Do,” which translates as “Give Me Money.” This is probably the Spotify Wrapped of a person who does not pay for the premium features. In this case, they spend more time listening to the ads than to the actual songs.

The Generational Gap

Wrapped lists not only separate generations based on their musical tastes but also highlight how people approach things differently today than they did many years ago. It truly makes us realize how much the world has changed in terms of how we live our lives.

Image Credit: @joosh874/Twitter

As we can see, our parents in their twenties were concerned with establishing a future together and settling down with children and a stable house. Meanwhile, we are doing the bare minimum and are worried about posting our annual Wrapped. 

Vibe Check

If you live in the 21st century and are still not aware of what an NFT is, let us enlighten you. An NFT is a type of digital asset that can take the form of artwork, music, in-game items, videos, and other things.

Image Credit: @AsteadWesley/Twitter

NFTs are also created using the same technology as cryptocurrencies. Spotify, as we all know, has its own podcast section. As a result, the Wrapped displays your activity on the podcasts you’ve listened to. Now imagine you’ve discovered a really worthwhile podcast to listen to, and it’s no different than a valuable NFT.

Sad Apple Music Girlies

Given the amount of shade thrown at Apple Music subscribers in this list, it’s no surprise that the Apple Music Girlies are sad. Regardless of how many cool features a streaming platform has, it appears that the Wrapped is unbeatable.

Image Credit: @hunteryharris/Twitter

If you can’t access your music listening stats, you’re no longer trendy. Yes, that’s right. The Wrapped feature is all the trend now. Therefore, if you’re a different streaming platform user, you surely cannot sit with us. Thus, the woman’s apparent agony behind the chair makes sense in light of this. 

The Most Played

People on the internet are ripping off not only other music streaming platform users but also those who were a little too naive and ended up being played the most this year. The holidays are certainly not the best time to realize you’ve been the one who’s being played all year. 

Image Credit: @modizwizzz/Twitter

We hate to admit it, but the image in this meme perfectly depicts how one would feel when the realization strikes. It’s a realization of complete bewilderment and despair. Our hearts go out to those who realized they were being played the most during this auspicious time of year.

There’s No Wrong Path

This message is for those who aren’t avid Spotify users and felt a little left out during the Wrapped season. This also applies to those who may not have received the desired statistics results. This is to remind you that you are not alone.

Image Credit: @Sayers33/Twitter

This particular user appears to have a positive outlook on life. They don’t seem to have a single Wrapped to their name and appear to have had no trouble passing school while doing so. If this user is strong enough to handle not having a Spotify Wrapped list, so can you.

The Shade

Listening to podcasts can be a cathartic experience for many as it creates a very welcoming atmosphere. Spotify has a really expansive library of podcasts at your disposal as well. The best part is that you can avail yourself of these perks for free. 

Image Credit: @tropicanap**sy/Twitter

However, it appears that the app is purposefully mocking people for spending far too much time listening to podcasts. Even though they implied these users were pros, they also downplayed their actions by pointing out their lack of interest in love life. This is a fake screenshot, obviously.

You Deserve So Much

Spotify appears to have gotten very perky with their Wrapped quotes, which provide users with a somewhat personalized review based on their previous activity. This user has been told that they deserve a playlist as long as their skincare routine. Cheeky.

Image Credit: @MissingLuci/Twitter

If you’re a skincare junkie or know anything about skincare, you’re probably aware that skincare routines can be quite lengthy. They include several steps, such as cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, and so on. Thus, it’s a compliment if they are making an allegory of your playlist to skincare. 

Listened Minutes

If you don’t know what a PromoJukeBox is, neither did we until we saw this meme. However, there is nothing in this world that a quick Google search can’t fix. PromoJukeBox is a watermarking technology that can help you protect your music and keep it from leaking.

Image Credit: @jnessr/Twitter

This user appears to be an avid PromoJukeBox subscriber who receives early song and album recommendations. As a result, it’s not really indicative of their actual number of Spotify listened minutes. Regardless, it’s just a number with no real impact on this world.

Grammys Vs. Spotify Wrapped

When we say Spotify Wrapped is a big deal, we really mean it. Even major music events like the Grammys pale in comparison. When compared to the annual Wrapped, the Grammys’ status is almost erratic. The meme perfectly visualizes the reason.

Image Credit: @hoesjayce/Twitter

As we can see, the boy on the left doesn’t seem bothered that he is wearing pajamas to a Grammys event. He is, however, all suited up for the Wrapped. This really speaks volumes regarding what event matters the most, and it’s the Wrapped for us. 

It Was A Stressful Year

Music is more than just a form of art; it can elicit a flood of emotions. Whatever emotion you are experiencing at the time, we can guarantee that there is a song or genre to which you are able to relate.

Image Credit: @VENJIWILMON/Twitter

Modern technology has given us music streaming platforms at our disposal, and most of them are free to use. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you’re using these platforms for an unlimited amount of time. We don’t judge. Life can be stressful, and it’s good to know that music is there to serve our ailing hearts. 

In Need Of A Therapist

For many, the Wrapped is a fun experience, while for others it can be an eye-opening one. That is what happened in the case of this particular user. After seeing their Wrapped list, this user came to a revelation that they might need to consult their therapist. 

Image Credit: @rachelzegler/Twitter

We’re curious about what their list revealed that prompted them to make such a drastic decision. Maybe they’ve been listening to too many Taylor Swift songs about heartbreak. Furthermore, their Audio Aura may have reflected an angsty or sad mood. In any case, we hope the user is doing well.

A Different Perspective

When the annual Spotify Wrapped released your lists, you might have thought that this perfectly captured your activity on the app. It may also have given you a perspective on what genres you’ve listened to, and you may have agreed on the majority of them.

Image Credit: @keyon/Twitter

However, not everyone shares the same viewpoint on the subject, which is perfectly fine. This user appears to be dissatisfied with their Wrapped results, believing that they did not accurately reflect their interests. Or perhaps it was so accurate that he wasn’t ready to face it.

Calm Down

Your playlist surely gives the idea of your personality type and what things you’re interested in. It’s fine if your friends don’t necessarily agree with your musical tastes and may criticize you. However, things take a vicious turn when Spotify tells you that you have a poor musical taste.

Image Credit: @MrThiccBone/Twitter

Not just bad taste in music; Spotify didn’t hesitate even a bit to call it utter trash. Ouch. That must hurt a lot. Just imagine the songs you’ve been listening to religiously all year suddenly become trash in the eyes of someone, and not just anyone – but Spotify. 

Yearning For Love

It appears that the Audio Aura feature has taken its job of assigning specific moods to users far too seriously. This particular user has been described as having a “wistful” and “yearning” aura. The aura detection algorithms appear to be digging far too deep in the name of accuracy. 

Image Credit: @holy_schnitt/Twitter

This user chose to pine for their long-lost love, just as a diligent “wistful” and “yearning” individual would. Throughout the year, the user must have gone through a bad breakup or a case of unrequited love, which explains the aura suggestions.

This Is Serious

The pop genre has taken the world by storm and is one of the most loved genres out of the bunch. Pop songs are so catchy and easy to remember that they are ideal for listening to while driving or doing other activities.

Image Credit: @susantidote/Twitter

Furthermore, its simplicity and straightforwardness create a sense of familiarity for the listeners. If you think of today’s top pop artists, you’ll unarguably include One Direction and Taylor Swift on your list. However, if you enjoy both at the same time, Spotify apparently believes you’re insane.

Sad Day For SoundCloud Users

Although Spotify is the best for music quality, SoundCloud is not far behind. SoundCloud is well-known for its large community of independent musicians who upload hundreds of hours of music to the site each week. It is also completely free to use.

Image Credit: @j32039715/Twitter

However, one feature that SoundCloud does not have, you guessed it, is the Wrapped. This meme depicts SoundCloud users sitting like a depressed SpongeBob on a Sunday afternoon, sipping hot cocoa for comfort. At least they’re not alone, as Apple Music users are also on their side.

Dressed To Impress

The Wrapped season is unlike any other and should not be taken lightly, as demonstrated in the preceding example. It’s more exclusive than the Grammys themselves. As a result, it stands to reason that the users would dress to the nines for this occasion.

Image Credit: @badvtcenergy/Twitter

This meme shows the person has already put together their outfit and is sleeping beside it. Such is the commitment to Spotify Wrapped. This annual event outperforms some of the most well-known events in terms of glitz and glamor. Even the Met Gala would pale in comparison. 

The Anticipation

It surely is an auspicious occasion for the Wrapped results to come. You put so much effort into leveling up your stats game. All these months of listening to songs and podcasts and experimenting with new features so that you can brag about the results on social media.

Image Credit: @yagorlbek/Twitter

This woman’s patience while awaiting the results perfectly describes how we feel while awaiting ours. Imagine how disappointing it would be if the results did not match our predictions. Even though we have the opportunity to use this waiting time to make a real difference in the world, worrying about Wrapped results feels more convenient.

It’s Analysis Time

You might see this feature as just another tool for some temporary thrill. However, it is a valuable source of information for many people. Our musical tastes are extremely effective at revealing what we like and how we are as individuals in general.

Image Credit: knowyourmeme.com

Someone might look at your posted Wrapped results and be able to analyze your personality based on that. If they are a strong admirer of yours, they might even create narratives with that. Despite the fact that it sounds creepy and stalker-like, it’s in human nature to create narratives in our minds.

The Odd One Out

When the Spotify Wrapped results are finally released, this is a very common sight on social media. The majority of users are seen proudly posting their lists. There is, however, always a black sheep in the group. It is the non-user in this case.

Image Credit: @captainita/Twitter

If you don’t want to be the only one who feels left out of this year’s Wrapped saga, we strongly advise you to get your Spotify account as soon as possible. There is still time. However, if you truly don’t care, you can happily proceed to be the odd one out.

A Spicy Opening

Spotify Wrapped ensures that you have a good time with this feature right from the start. This user claimed to have been blasted with Rachel Stevens’ 2003 hit song “Some Girls.” Now, if you’re not aware of the song, it made quite the waves when it was initially released. 

Image Credit: @seanbgonelli/Twitter

The 2000s were a fantastic era, and looking back on it always gives us a sense of sweet nostalgia. As a result, it made sense when the song triggered a cultural pulse in this user’s heart. We’d have felt the same way.


There are many love languages, such as acts of communication, touch, gift-giving, and quality time. It appears that a new category has joined the chat, though. Yes, you guessed right; showing your loved ones the Spotify Wrapped results can be considered a love language as well. 

Image Credit: Snapchat

This particular user seems to be in a situation of despair. They appear to have sent someone their Wrapped list and are eagerly anticipating their reply. We genuinely feel bad for this individual. It must have taken a lot of effort to send them the list, only to be ghosted at the end of it.

When You Only Listen To Sleep Tracks

If you only listen to the same sleep tracks every night for 365 days, you can’t expect to get a juicy Wrapped. Don’t get us wrong: the soothing sound of the white background noises does help us take a deep breath of relief and hopefully catch some sleep. 

Image Credit: @sexyasthmatic/Twitter

However, if that is the only thing you listen to on the platform, it reduces the diversity of your options. This will undoubtedly make life easier for Spotify’s employers. Because you’ll only have one lucky artist on your top list, calculating your stats shouldn’t be too difficult.

Spotify Takes Pictures?

Spotify appears to have unknowingly exposed itself while attempting to roast the users. At this point, we have established that the streaming service openly mocks people for their questionable taste in music. However, this was not something we would have expected.

Image Credit: @saggiessplinters/Twitter

This particular user received pictures of their welled-up eyes while the platform revealed that they had spent 23 hours crying this year. This would have had some legal ramifications if it were real, but it’s just this girl’s way of being funny.

A Powerful Feature

At this point, we can all agree that Spotify Wrapped is an extremely powerful feature. This feature not only has the ability to single-handedly call out your bad taste in music, but it is also capable of exposing your mental state. 

Image Credit: @jannajustice, @dfnclessangel/Twitter

If you are not yet ready to face your demons, we strongly advise you to avoid the streaming service. However, if you are brave enough and willing to be judged for your musical taste, take a seat and wait for the annual results.

It’s The Time Of The Season

Lo and behold, the festive season is coming to rejoice us at last. The most eventful time of the year is approaching as December comes closer. But we’re not talking about Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebrations. It’s the Spotify Wrapped that we are eagerly waiting for. 

Image Credit: HBO/makeameme.org

Brace yourselves, everyone, as the Wrapped posts will soon grace our timelines. It will be the most exquisite event of the year. The fun part is that it is not just for the elites but also for us regular people. That’s what makes it so special.  

A John Mayer Fan 

If you live in the twenty-first century and haven’t heard of John Mayer, you’ve been doing something wrong. Although John Mayer’s fans come from all demographics, boomers are the ones that are most interested in his music. This user’s father appears to be a big Mayer fan, and the Wrapped results clearly reflect that.

Image Credit: @charliedurhammb/Twitter

The son appears to share the account with his father, and he doesn’t seem too happy to learn that his Wrapped results have been skewed as a result of his father listening to a lot of John Mayer bops. To be honest, we wouldn’t mind at all if that were the case for us. 

It’s The Year Of Pop Raps

It’s no surprise that if you listen to music on a regular basis, you’re familiar with a wide range of genres. However, no matter how much you try to diversify your tastes, there will always be one genre that you will gravitate toward the most.

Image Credit: @stoned69/Twitter

For the majority of users, the pop-rap genre has taken center stage. However, if you actively believe you have a diverse playlist and then discover that this is the only genre you’ve been listening to for the past decade, that’s a real clown moment.

Just How Fast The Preferences Changes

Just when we thought the Wrapped couldn’t get any more nuanced in its perspectives, along comes this hardcore rock fan who has become a responsible father. It’s both amusing and touching to see that someone who used to listen to hard rock music is now a father. 

Image Credit: @Ser_0nionKnight/Twitter

It surely was a journey from the anti-drone post-core to Japanese hard rock and, finally, to the Frozen soundtrack. We believe that, as the years pass BY, this list will become even more enticing to follow. Thanks to Spotify for making such realizations happen.

Instagram Wrapped? 

Imagine if the roles were reversed and Instagram did the Wrapped series instead of Spotify. Needless to say, an Instagram Wrapped would do nothing but expose everyone’s dirty laundry. No one wants to know how much time they spent stalking their ex last year. 

Image Credit: @graciecovz/Twitter

In all honesty, it would be Instagram’s worst marketing move. People use social media as a form of escape in some ways, and having their private activities exposed in this manner would definitely deter users from using the platform. Although it makes sense for Spotify, it would do the exact opposite for Instagram.

Revenge Time

Sibling rivalry is a tale as old as time. It’s almost second nature for siblings to have an avid dislike for each other. This particular user seems to have taken this rivalry to the next level by destroying their brother’s Wrapped list. 

Image Credit: Twitter

You’d think that a cool, gen Z music composition major would listen to some more nuanced music selections. Their Wrapped results, on the other hand, appear to show quite the opposite. In the eyes of a music major, this would be an atrocity. At the very least, we know what happened.

Shocking News

This image of Camila Mendes from her latest film, Do Revenge, captures our exact reaction when the Wrapped results are finally revealed. For some, receiving their desired stats would be a proud moment, and they would most likely not be shy about flaunting it on social media.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Many others, on the other hand, would be taken aback because they had expected something different. Wrapped is a cool feature, in our opinion. It not only makes for a fun experience to follow, but the memes that emerge from it are also quite entertaining.