The Music Industry Never Understood Music At All

By Divya G

Whether it’s the Nobel Peace Prize, the Oscars, or Video Games Awards, many infuriated individuals come up together to vent about the injustice in the proceedings. But on certain occasions, they do make an excellent point.

The views for videos ranting about who got robbed the most compared with the viewership on the award ceremonies are a lot higher. Although humans are known for judging art, they are doing nothing, screwing everything up.

You will not find any medium noteworthy due to its lack of self-awareness or glaring omissions as a music realm. Just imagining some guy running a bakery without the presence of functioning taste buds.

Image courtesy of Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Now, imagine that Michelin allows that said “guy” to decide which eatery gets the stars. You indeed got some idea through this example on how exactly the Grammys are operated.

This award show is voted on, each artist hand-selected and vetted by the corporate insiders and the record labels, which get handed out at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The businessmen don’t know or understand the youth culture or growing trends, but after years, they realize people have caught on to that.

The Grammys have been nothing but political when awarding some of the most talented individuals. Macklemore has a lot more Grammys when compared with the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg.

On the other hand, Milli Vanilli has returned many Grammys compared with how many Run DMC has ever won. So, what about Diana Ross, Queen, and The Who? Yep, all of them have empty trophy cases, despite being some of the most iconic entertainers in the music industry.

Final Thoughts

It’s shocking to learn that Grammys are not awarded talented people who contribute to the music industry.