This Just In: Listening To AC/DC Makes Surgery More Accurate And Efficient

By Divya G

Several types of research have revealed that listening to AC/DC allows surgeons to perform their tasks more accurately. Blasting the rock band in the operating room also improved the speed of the surgeons while keeping their focus and precision intact. Specifically, the empirical data shows that vibing to “T.N.T” and “Highway to Hell” reduced the overall time span of surgery from 236 seconds to 139 seconds. The surgeons’ overall performance was 5% improved with AC/DC hitting their ears.

Image credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Rock Tunes As A Boon For Surgeons

Stitching up wounds is going to be a cakewalk for these surgeons; all they need is “Let It Be” or “Hey Jude” playing in the background. Many people would assume that if the music is too loud it will negatively affect concentration. According to the experts, however, these rock tunes help surgeons to relax their muscles, ease stress, lower blood pressure, and battle anxiety.

Image credit: fizkes/Shutterstock

A Few Words From The Researcher

Cui Yang from Heidelberg University stated that both hard and soft rock boost the practitioners’ surgical performance. He mentioned furthermore that hard rock playing at high volume translates to a more positive impact on the surgeons’ performance. Music like AC/DC, namely songs with a pronounced rhythm, provides an auditory cue for the surgeons that improves focus and efficiency. In other words, motivation and encouragement are the keys and AC/DC is the insurance.