Unexpected Collaborations Between Artists

By Divya G

In this world, the length of the features list of a particular song’s artist is a lot longer than the song’s name. But it’s just a group of friends who are chilling out within the walls of a studio and thinking how to make big cash together. But people never thought that these people would end up in a room together to create music. Look below!

1.   Mariah Carey And Her Grunge Album

In 1995, Columbia Records released the album, Someone’s Ugly Daughter, by the proto-riot girl band known as Chick. The album didn’t do well, and then Chick itself disappeared from the spotlight. But it was not exactly a band, as it contained many studio personnel, including Mariah Carey and Clarissa Dane. Dane and Carey were roommates, and Someone’s Ugly Daughter was, in fact, her creation.

2.   Nirvana Supported A Children’s Band

People cannot imagine Nirvana to be a kid-friendly group because most of their songs were about murder and rape. But in the early 90s, the band did something unexpected. Nirvana backed a band called Stinky Puffs, which had rocker Jad Fair’s stepson Simon Timony along with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo’s son. Both Nirvana and the Stinky Puffs performed together in 1994’s Yo-Yo a Go-Go festival.

3.   Slash & Fergie As Longtime Collaborators

Image courtesy of TDC Photography / Shutterstock

The beginning of the 2010s was filled with confusion as people were trying to figure out Facebook, and Slash became Fergie’s biggest fan of all time. No one was surprised, though, as Slash was the only person who didn’t know what Fergie looked like, despite working in the same industry.

It started by jamming on a Led Zeppelin song and ended up releasing songs like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City” together.

4.   Prince & Stevie Nicks

Stevie and Prince had nothing in common. After getting hitched to her late BFF’s husband, Stevie was going for a honeymoon, but Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” started to play on the radio. It touched her heart so much that she immediately made a phone call to Prince for a quick collaboration.

Last Words

Even though these collaborations were pretty weird but were worth seeing some legends working together.