Unlock The Dance Floor’s Magic: Science Confirms The Power Of Bass

By Victor O

A team of scientists from McMaster University in Canada recently sought out to understand what makes us dance or get ecstatic at parties. The group did a deep dive into how musical elements interact with the human brain.

They could understand how this leads to a satisfying turn-up. It has been discovered that low-frequency tones called Bass might be the key to this age-long question.

Source: @abstralofficial/Unsplash

Daniel Cameron, a neuroscientist and the primary investigator, delves into the intriguing question of why humans are inherently drawn to music and compelled to groove along with it. Despite its inability to procreate, nourish, or provide shelter, music remains a captivating biological phenomenon that continues to captivate us.

The team constructed a state-of-the-art lab called the McMaster LIVELab to achieve the best results. It is basically a live performance stage that features modern 3D motion capture technology. It also includes a sound system that can easily recreate the thrill of a concert.

The woofer-optimized speakers produce extremely low sound frequencies. These are undetectable by normal human ears. While carrying out the study, the test volunteers used motion-sensing headphones. The devices kept track of their movement for the 45-minute-long performance of an EDM song.

At a 2.5 minutes interval, the team switched on the bass speakers to play the undetectable sounds. The team realized that anytime the speakers were on, the volunteers danced around 12% more despite not hearing the sound.

Source: @pechka/Unsplash

The team has associated this with the tactile system in humans. The system is sensitive to touch, and the vibrations from the speakers interact with our motor system. According to their analysis, the sound appears to provide an additional surge of energy to the body, stemming from the stimulation it imparts on various systems.

So, if you have a party coming up and are anxious about how to make your guests turn up, a very loud bass speaker might be the way to go.