Weird Conspiracy Theories About The Death Of Bob Marley And Kurt Cobain

By Divya G

Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain have gone down in music history as two of the most beloved musicians of all time. The reasons for their death have always been a topic of interest to their fans which has led many people to develop uncanny conspiracy theories about them. Read the theories below.

Bob Marley Was Assassinated By The CIA

Image courtesy of Yuri Turkov/Shutterstock

The Jamaican singer and songwriter are considered to be a pioneer of reggae music. In 2018, his death story began surfacing on social media. Rumors were circulated that a CIA agent named Bill Oxley confessed about assassinating Bob Marley. The news that Marley was infected with cancer viruses by the CIA became a hot cake. The release of the Netflix documentary on Bob Marley further fuelled the theory. The documentary showed how the CIA kept tabs on Marley during the 1970s. While trying to debunk this theory, it was found that there was no man named Bill Oxley associated with the CIA. 

Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain’s Wife Killed Him

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Kurt Cobain is famous as Nirvana’s lead singer and frontman. He married singer and actress Courtney Love in 1992 after dating for four months. Cobain committed suicide and killed himself with a gun in 1994. Only six weeks before that, he made his first suicide attempt. Tom Grant, a private investigator, posted the theory that Love killed her husband as their divorce was knocking at the door.

Closing Thoughts

The theories show how invested fans are in the lives of these two great musicians. Now, it is for you to decide the extent of truth associated with these theories.