Where Can You Work If You Love Music?

By Kanyi M

Some DJs are producers, mixing beats and sampling old records to create new tracks. Today’s video vixens are directors, making sure that the visuals match up with the soundscape for a cohesive performance that will work on all levels. Poets and lyricists use their wordsmithing skills to provide an extra layer for listeners who want something more than just instrumental noise in their songs. In which other industries can you work in if you’re an audiophile

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In marketing and advertising

We associate tunes with different products and brands, usually through creative, catchy jingles. Some firms use songs as their whole slogan, like in the case of Coca-Cola’s Things Go Better with Coke that Bill Backer directed in 1963.

In hospitality

Companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and KFC are top-rated today because of their customers’ experience. Their establishments have a certain vibe in the background that is usually attained through the use of music, especially instrumental ones that match their brand image. 

Fun fact: If your store is playing music that you relate to, you’re their target audience. It’s never a coincidence.

In gaming

Epic cut scenes, battle music, victory themes, and other essential sound effects are the foundation of a good game. If the soundtrack isn’t firing on all cylinders, the gameplay experience won’t be enjoyable for most players.

Do you remember when Rockstar games used the old town road from Lil Nas X in The Red Dead Redemption 2?

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In film

The right song can set the mood for a particular story. For instance, if a particular scene is supposed to be scary, upbeat rock music would be a bad choice as it would only make the audience laugh.